Find the answers to our most commonly asked chain grinder questions here.

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Will this grinder cut the same angle into both sides of my chisel chain?

Of course!  You can achieve any angle dress.  Simply cut the desired angle into the stone.  This angle transfers directly to the tooth.  As long as your grinder is properly shimmed, it will cut the same angle properly on both sides.  (check out our how-to videos for more detail on shimming your grinder)

How do I set up my new Simington Chain Grinder?

Take a look at our set up video.  Kelly will help you set it up.

What if the tooth and the corner on the wheel don’t match up exactly when I swing the arm around to grind the other side?

Re-shim the grinder so the grinding arm and wheel are parallel to each other.

I am having a problem matching the angle from one side to another.

Adjust chain guide up until it barely rubs on the bottom of the wheel.  make a mark on the top of the wheel over the top of the chain guide.  Swing your arm around to the other side.  Rotate the wheel to the chalk mark.  It should line up exactly.  If it’s higher or lower, re-shim the grinder motor.

How do I re-shim my grinder motor?

Remove the fan guard and loosen the 4 bolts inside.  You will see the shims under these bolts between the motor and the base casting.  These shims are used to tip the wheel from one side to the other.

What do I do to correct a wobbly grinding wheel?

First, reposition the wheel tighten your nut down and rerun it.  This may make it run true.  Check to be sure the wheel and nut area are free of debris.

Why is my diamond dresser is wobbling?

Make sure the set screw on the diamond dresser is nice and tight.  The less they wobble, the more accurately they will grind your stone.

I can’t get angle of the tooth and the angle of the wheel to match.  

Use point on the tooth to line up the angle on the wheel.  All the internal angles converge at the point of the chisel bit chain, the chisel bit chain won’t cut.  If the corner on the tooth passes the corner on the wheel it creates a weaker, bird-bill effect on your tooth.

How do I get a sharper angle on the inside of the tooth?

Adjust your chain guide further forward for a sharper angle (clean conditions) – further aft for a blunter angle (dirty, rocky conditions).

What are the proper adjustments for my grinder?

Take a look at our handy video – it will guide you through a correct setup.

Which direction should the wheel be rotating?

For safety and the proper grind, the wheel should be rotating INTO the tooth on your chain.